Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fummer or sall????

We are learning that Fall doesn't exist in California. At least not the way that we were used to in Utah. We're aching in our bones for the cool breeze of fall, for our eyes to feast on the colors, and to breathe in the scents of falling leaves in the mountainous rocky canyons. We feel lost in seasons. The calendars tell us in fall, but we feel summer on our faces each time we step outside. So This season shall be known to me as Fummer as long as we are living in California. I'm sure fummer will be followed by sinter or wimmer. As much as our senses are missing fall in the mountains, we are fully enjoying the benefits of living in a warm climate brings. We try to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, lots of pool and beach time. I'm try to fake fall as much as I can with Halloween decor and pumpkin flavored everything. So in summery, we are fully enjoying fummer here in sunny South California.

Bike rides to our favorite beach spots. Jude is so hard to get pictures of. he is a nut body surfing in the waves while they are warm. 

We finally made it to the splash pad. I'm not sure why it took us so long. Jude and I went to check it our while Avi was napping. We went back with him the next day we loved it so much. I was so bummed I left my phone cause Avi was having the time of his life. 

We also like to bike to Balboa Island in Newport a lot. The boys love to window shop and can usually make a good case to get Ice cream.

We have even surprised ourselves with how much we go to Disneyland. We just itch to go after a week. Without fail if we ask Jude what he wants to do we get and excited "Go to Disneyland!"

We signed Jude up for Karate. He is in Heaven. He thinks it is the coolest thing ever and is really into it. It is really cute to watch him. 

All things Halloween. If Jude were in charge our Halloween decorations would be up year round. Probably Christmas too. He loves to carry some of them all over. He buckles them in the car next to him. Sleeps with them in his room. Takes them on walks. He even took them over to show our neighbor's dog when we were walking the dog for them. Obsession doesn't even begin to describe how Jude feels about Halloween. We all know why he was born so early now. He wasn't going to miss a second of the entire Halloween season. 
                                                                       (He's being a giant in this one)

                       (He busted into Daddy's old costumes)                     (Both of these goofballs could spend HOURS                                                                                                                                                    in  the Halloween section of Target.)

The Murdocks knew just what to send Jude for his birthday. It came a little early and he was blown away by what was inside. 

Jude Finally started Preschool. I was so anxious for it to start and give him something to do. He wasn't so sure about it but has made a few friends and warmed up to the idea. We took his to the pier to get some cute pics before his big day. The sun was so bright, but we did our best. Jude is so cute it couldn't go wrong. 

 Dropping him off for his big Day. He had a little extra courage carrying this Halloween card. 

Jude's teacher emailed these pictures from his first day. I can just hear his voice on the phone. 

Meanwhile when Jude is at school Avi trashes Jude's room. I love the quiet, even if it's followed by a mess. It's definitely worth a peaceful shower. 

Sometimes Avi will pop in on Dad at work. Here he is playing his new game "Are you?" When we say that to Avi he will hide and come running out super excited. He also thinks he's pretty clever when he hides right behind you. It's so fun watching his little (more like huge) personality grow and develop. 

Avi also LOOOOVES to rearrange the fridge. He would do it for hours if I could leave the fridge open for him. 

Sometimes he likes to sit back and enjoy an apple. Which is bite it suck the juice out and spit it out. 

Avi is super good to play in the backyard too. I get a lot done in those moments. He was  feeling pretty awesome in Jude's Sunglasses.)

He even takes 5 with Sundance.

He also snuggles Jude's favorite, off limits stuffed animals. 

Jude and Daddy like to go on adventures and I always get fun pictures. 

Jude has refallen in love with his turtle that is named "Turtley" He takes him everywhere and sleeps with him. He takes him to karate and sets him in a good viewing area so he can watch and observe Jude while he kicks A. The other day Jude melted everyone's heart at Karate when they were allowed to get a drink and Jude gave "Turtley" a little kiss before getting a drink. It all cute and fun until Jude doesn't remember where he put it. Then we send out and Amber Alert. 

Every morning these two rascals race out to see who can hug Daddy first. Jude ALWAYS wins, but to be fair, Avi has no idea he's racing. These boys are BOTH on the biggest Daddy kick. I'm invisible when he's around. Which has it's benefits. :) Avi loves to tap Marc with his finger really fast and say "Dada" over and over. I can tell Marc loves it. He loves being the fun guy and plays the part really well.  

I came down the other day and found these to had teamed up to get the pumpkin bars out of the fridge and eat the frosting off all the remaining bars. And in their undies. I was glad it was them and not me in my undies eating the frosting. Both are very realistic scenarios. 

I love when they are best friends. I especially love when it buys me an extra ten minutes in the morning too. 

A sleeping face gets me every time

Grandma sent Avi this car. He is Very into cars and almost always has at least one in his hand. 
             (He always takes them on walks)                           (everything is new terrain for his cars)

(literally cars upon cars)

Pumpkin Patch time. There is an extreme heat wave in California right now. It's nice on beach days and hot hot hot on other days. But we had a great time and got to ride some cute little rides.  

Our cute neighbors gave Jude this gingerbread house for his birthday. 

We got his school pictures back!!