Monday, March 2, 2015

February 2015

Park Days

Everytime I open the fridge this guy grabs on and holds on for dear life. He is the biggest nut. 

We have to charge this lil car inside and Avi loves spending all day in and around it. 

Grandma pat had surgery and Jude made her this sweet little card and mailed it to her. 

Then he had to make his own paper captain that lasted about a day. Jude is also going through a take your clothes of phase. Changes outfits (usually costumes) all day long and his undies are his Tarzan costume. 

We took a trip up to Santa Monica. We loved it. Jude even saw street performers dressed up and preforming Thriller. It blew his mind. 

I loved a sacked out baby. Even if it's in a carseat and not his bed. 

Busting into brothers toys while he's at school. He has a difficult time letting Avi play with just anything. He loves to control every situation and wants Avi to play with certain toys. It's a little exhausting. 

Speaking of exhausting. This rascal is into everything. And obsessed with the stairs which mean he has to be in arms reach of me at all times. Jude thought climbing inside the cupboard was an excellent idea. (This cupboard started out organized.)

Beach days keep us all sane and are very much worth all the effort. I especially like low tide and they can play on the rocks and in the tidal pools. It's THE BEST!!

Always trying to get outside. When I open the door he comes crawling at an impressive pace. When it gets closed before he makes it out he can get pretty upset. 

Avi thinks its a good idea to catch the sunrise from time to time. Once I am actually out of bed, I usually agree. 

We spend a few evenings a week on our bikes. It resets our moods and feels so good to the soul. 

This guy turned ten months and he is a ball of crazy spunk. 

Jude sometimes gets to ride his own bike to a fun beach spot. 

Isn't funny how kids can make anything a playground. Jude figured out how to turn the showers into a slide. 

Train spotting

PIZZA NIGHT! Jude is getting his pizza just the way he likes it. 

Just a sweet little love note from the hubs..... Kinda

Gandma D finds ways to spoil the boys from miles away and sent a fun Valentine's Day package. 

Jude was eager to wear his new shirt. I accidentally put Avi's on and it cracked us both up. 

Hauling his toys to the beach. 

We spotted a sea lion and I have never been so star struck. I was way too excited and made a big scene. 


We made a trip out to Utah to help out with my mom after her surgery and these to rascals were thrilled to catch up. 

My cute sister works at Meadow Gold and we got a tour and the boy's minds and tongues were both blown away. (And Jude got to keep the uniform and wears it all the time.)

Avi goes nuts every time he sees me going after him on the stairs. I couldn't help but think of the shinning. 

Jude found the perfect ramp to ride his bike on. Such a cutie. 

Mr Sandman

Avi loves his Dad and always says "Hi dad." (which I am sure he has no idea what he's saying but it sounds exactly like it.)

ALWAYS roll playing. 

I love this cute thing he brought home from school. 

We FINALLY got a table and chairs. The boys were a big help getting them put together. 

Have I mentioned how much I love a sleeping baby. I LOOOOOVE IT!! I could stare at him for hours if I knew Jude wasn't lighting the house on fire or something. 

The other day Jude was trying to tape Avi in the closet. Nice try Jude-O. I'm in so much trouble. I would like to lock him in some days. :)