Thursday, April 23, 2015

Visitors, Easter and more

We had so much fun with my sister and her little girl Brielle. It was so fun to chat and hang out. Jude loved having people to show off to.
Jude was pretending to be Captain America and Avi was his fan.

Killing time at the park
My two little handsome boys
This kept Jude so busy until I ran out of baking soda. It was amazing. Avi was dying to give it a try.

This guy always has a vision for a fun project. He turned this box into a house for his R2D2 and made a C3PO. He is starting to become obsessed with Star Wars after riding Star tours.
This Nut is always having fun.

I love the way a child's mind works. He found tooth picks and seconds later he was a porcupine.
Sometimes it is so fun to go into Avi's room after naptime and see what in the world he is up to.

Daddy is so much fun, or hogging all the toys.
Splashing in the fountain
We finally made it down to the zoo. Jude got a cool bag that came with his lunch and he carried it around for days and loved being in charge of the map.
My favorite animal in the zoo
Avi spotted a hippo
I spotted a goofy monkey boy
We were all worn out but no one was as beat as Aves
My car loving lil boy
Jude earned a new costume. I was a little surprised by his choice.
Jude at his Easter parade.

Making Easter bird nests.

My pups. It is so fun to see these two become the best of buds.

Easter Breakfast
He feels pretty cool
The Easter haul
We took a beautiful and relaxing walk on the beach for Easter morning.


It's been so nice to have visitors around to take family pics for us.

Jude painted Avi a Christmas wreath for Avi's birthday. So random and so sweet.
This boy has quite a personality. He has earned the nickname "Crazy horse."
Andrea giving Jude a lesson on Star Wars.
I actually loved the excuse to sleep next to this rascal while Andrea and Brielle were here.
Avi on his last day being 0.
When Avi was napping Jude and I got a little carried away with the paints.
Our bike ride went a little long.
I love my view

Always making things a costume
They kill me. They are too cute and I hope the can be best friends forever.

Jude has had the itch to surf so we let him take Daddy's board to the pool. He was in HEAVEN.
This boy like to sneak into his brothers room and play with the big boy cars.
The bubbles from Easter have changed these guys. They could blow bubbles for HOURS!!

I sometimes catch myself just staring at my boys.
We rode our bikes to Califa and had an amazing evening getting sandy and wet. Jude was so busy as he always is colecting anything random he can spot,

My brother was also in town for a few days and he stayed with my brother in Long Beach and we made the trek up to see him.
Donuts on the beach. I don't think this kid has any idea how great his life is.
Bubbles on the pier
Daddy is the best at reading books
I found this shirt the other day. I couldn't resist. Jude wants to live in it.
Twelve months!!!