Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jude turns four

My sweet little boy is growing up so much quicker then what I knew was even possible. We had an amazing year. Jude became a big brother, he started preschool, he got a big boy bed, and did it all while fighting crime as Captain America or occasionally another avenger.  He must have spent at least 300 days of the last year in a costume. I always made sure he was dressed underneath his costume so I felt like I was taking care of him. Jude has the cutest, funnest lil personality. He loves life and gets so excited about things. I just love to watch him. He said the phrase "3. Cause I'm 3 years old." Probably a thousand times in hundreds of scenarios. Most commonly trying to get 3 of whatever candy was in sight. He has the cutest little stutter that comes out most when he thinks he is losing your attention and starts to panic. I'll miss some day the way Jude says "MMMOOOOOOMMMY LOOK!" When he sees something that is really cool. His favorite color is blue. And not just any blue. Jude is very specific about it being dark blue. Favorite food is crackers and milk. As of last night his favorite animal is crocodile, snake and spiders (such a little boy). I adore him so much.

Jude's birthday started out with just Jude, Avi and me. Daddy was gone out of town and flying in that afternoon. So we spent it at the park and had an amazing time. Jude wanted a rainbow cake so bad. So after the park we headed home to make a rainbow cake with blue frosting. Then we headed up to Salt Lake to pick up Daddy and then grabbed some dinner. We stopped by Grandma Duncan's on the way home and sang Happy Birthday and opened presents from her.


Jude's excited face. When he is excited about something he curls his hands into fists and shakes them and squeals.  
Showing us he's four now.


 Now for the big party. I so badly wanted to do a small party but I want family to be involved. So by the time my family and Marc's family all get together it is a pretty big shin dig. Jude is so lucky to have so many cousins he adores. And even older cousins that can dress up in costumes and blow his little mind. I probably wouldn't have done an actual birthday party for him. But he is so obsessed with super heroes that I felt I had to have a few show up to wish him a happy birthday. It was all I wanted to get him for his birthday.

This was my attempt to distract the kids while Captain America and Spider man got into position.

Jude was so shy and hid behind Nixon

We had to scoop him up and help him warm up. He was extremely intimidated. Captain America handed Jude his shield for his birthday from Grandma Pat.

Waving goodbye
Next onto ice cream and cake. My sister hooked us up with Spider man ice cream.
Then presents. Every time he opened a present he'd say "Ohhhh Mmmmyyy Goooooshhh!"
The babies seemed to have a good time. I was running like crazy it seemed and didn't even see Avi. Thank goodness for grandmas.

Jude was excited to get his loot home and break it in.

.....And wash it.
This wasn't a gift really but it felt like one. The ice cream was packed in dry ice to keep it from melting. We turned it into a science project.

Can't thank these two enough. That was huge for me to make this little boy's birthday party totally epic.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lazy Disney Days

We had an amazing time in Disneyland. Jude loved the new world that was opened up to him now that he has finally surpassed the 40 inch limit. Avi was a little shocked by all the sights and sounds. He quickly warmed up to it all though.

The boys were sooo good on the flights. And adorable.

Let the fun begin.
Jude's first go on Splash mountain. This kid is such a trooper. He rode every ride he was tall enough for at least twice. Even though he was scared on Tower of Terror and Space mountain, he rode them again so I could go. Didn't even need convincing. He's a stud. When we rode space mountain again, he just covered his eyes the whole time. I about died when I saw the picture. Splash mountain and the Train roller coaster ended up being his favorite.
This was killing me with cuteness. This was Jude trying to be brave and put his hands in the air on Soarin' (I think he thought he was really flying over CA)
Avi even got to ride a few little rides. Winnie the Pooh scared him the first time. It was really loud.
Avi did a lot of hanging out with Mom or Dad while Jude got to ride all the rides. It worked out really well for Jude. With the rider switch thing he got to ride every ride twice without waiting in a line. Lucky dog. Bed times were thrown out the window and Avi got to play with Jude's new toys when he was gone riding the rides. He had his eye on Jude's Zero dog all day and was thrilled to finally have his hands and mouth on it.

Everything in Disney is so magical. We are such suckers. 
This is Jude showing us he rode the tower or terror twice.
My handsome boy. He has made Marc and I both fall in love with Disneyland. All because he adores it and our hearts follow his.
Disney tradition. I love these Mickey ice-creams.

I love Avi sending a glare to Jude. He has to eat real food while Jude gets fun Mickey Ice-cream
Shy boy meets his idol. I love the second picture of Jude trying to look at him without turning his head.

Again, we are suckers for all things Disney. This bed that lights up and plays music almost put Marc and I into tears. I'm sure we won't be able to handle it when our boys are grown.

Disney treats are a must. Again, we are such suckers.

It breaks my heart that they won't remember the fun we had. They both got to bring something back from Disney that will last longer then their little memories. I adore all three of my boys. I would be so lost without them.