Saturday, April 19, 2014

He's here!!!

The Birth Story

Thursday April 10th, 2014 @ 6:13 Our sweet Little Avi McRae Duncan makes his big debut. 8lbs 7 oz 20 inches. That morning in the early morning hours I had a few contractions that woke me up but fizzled out and I didn't think a thing about it since I have been having on and off contractions since 28 weeks. That morning felt totally normal. I got a text from my cute mother-in-law asking if Ali and I wanted to get together for lunch and take the kids to a park. We met up and after a short time playing at the park I took Jude to the bathroom only to discover my water had broken. I waddled back out to Ali and Marie and announced that I thought my water was broken. I didn't know if I had to rush or if I had a lot of time. Since my water was broken with Jude for four days I assumed I had some time. So I tried to take a few more bites of my lunch but I couldn't settle my mind and finally took off. I called Marc and told him I was on my way to the office to head to the hospital. He asked me how sure I was that this was it cause he had a call and 2:00 and it was about 1:00. I was like. Pretty dang sure. My contractions started shortly after getting in the car and were 5 mins apart. I assumed that meant I needed to hurry. I actually drove Marc to the hospital because with my water broken I didn't want to move. We now laugh at that as well. When we got up to Labor and Delivery they didn't have any rooms ready and asked us to wait in the waiting area. Which is very awkward when your water is broken. They got a room ready for us quickly and I changed into my gown and the nurse causally hooked up my monitors and walked out. She came back quickly after seeing I was having contractions. And teased me that I was "silent but deadly" Meaning I was misleading about how far into labor I was. She checked me and said I was about a 5. Then things went crazy fast. Next time she checked me after a very short time I was and 8, then quickly a 9, I was able to get an epidural, which I learned the cut off time is when you can't hold still. I was going so quickly that they said I probably wouldn't get full relief from the epidural. My monitors were hooked up and 1:45 and I was pushing by 2:45. But Avi was posterior so they had me hold off to give the baby time to push. but due to the amount of meds they gave me, I couldn't push once the baby did flip. So they turned off the epidural and told me I would need to deliver with out it. It normally takes about 30 mins for an epidural to wear off. It took me two hours. We all speculated that my Doctor was not happy with the anesthesiologist. Finally, I was in pain again able to push effectively. My cute nurse hurry and gave me more meds once the baby was out so I didn't have to feel anything after that. I loved my nurse. She actually stay after her shift was over to be there for me. She was awesome. I was so in love with our little Avi from the first second we saw him. He is so darling and I am so thrilled I got to experience what other women have experienced. It's been amazing.  

I was having the hardest time getting the hospital. I had to just laugh as I thought to myself my water is broken and I am completely blocked. 

Getting set up. Contractions weren't too strong yet. 

Don't mind my crazy post labor hair. 

Getting updates and showing Jude and cousins their first glimpse of baby Avi. 

Family showed up shortly after and we were dying to show off our newest trophy. We were all a little curious to see what big brother would think. I thought he'd be more interested in pushing buttons and running around. But he was actually very curious about his new little brother. 

Jude even got to help Daddy push Avi to the nursery for his first bath. I was blown away by his interest. 

Jude watching closely through the window. 

Jude was also good to check in on me too. 

Then I had my little bundle all to myself. I've always been a huge fan of skin on skin from the NICU days with Jude. I had to get some time in with Av too. 

Our favorite visitors

And for the crazy part. Taking him home with us. We couldn't get over the fact we got to just take him with us. No monitors, no oxygen, so special diets. Just a pat on the back. 

Jude had to help carry him out. My mommy heart almost burst.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

waiting for the babe

We're still winding down the clock waiting for our lil dude to make his arrival. I'm surprised we haven't seen him yet from what my doctor said last week, but that is totally fine with me. I think I am the only pregnant person who would actually love to go all the way to my due date. 

We celebrated this amazing woman's 70th birthday. I know she secretly wanted a baby to be born on her birthday. Sorry to disappoint. 

We spent a rainy afternoon at the aquarium.  

Sunday dinner at Grandma D's. I caught this sweet scene. I'm so grateful these boys are so nice to Jude who is a few years younger and they let him tag along. 

A beautiful day at the park. We had such a great time hanging out at the park in some amazing weather. 

Loves being a "soccer guy" I hope this means he'll actually have fun when his soccer team starts up soon. 

This picture he made from preschool had Marc and I rolling. It's of George's Washington. I couldn't throw it away until I documented it. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Final Count Down

It is such a weird feeling to know our lives are all about to drastically change and not know when. It is so intimidating. I hope I can rise to the challenges of two kids. Marc has already taken on the role of Jude's right hand man. They are total buds and have so much fun together. I hope I haven't taken the last few months of just Jude and I for granted. I just adore him and love spending time together doing fun, silly things together. I love the way that he tells me several times a day "Mommy, I sure love you." It's like candy for my soul and ears. He is just too sweet for words and I hope I can still do a lot of the things that we love, like reading in bed every night and the way he climbs in bed with me every morning and just snuggles right up next to me. I'm so worried I might be losing my little com padre. Its going to be a learning experience for everyone I am sure. 

Silly Jude things lately that I don't want to forget:

The other day I was dressed up as Iron Man (like most days) and Jude said to me, "I sure love you Tony Stark." 

Today I was telling Jude that he was my handsome prince and he shook his head and said, "I'm just a eggular (regular) boy." 

The other morning Jude came and climbed in our bed and he was butt naked. I was so shocked. Until I walked into his room and realized Daddy forgot to put a pull up on him in the night. OPPSS! :)

Everything is 3. Either three more minutes or three pieces of candy or whenever it could possibly apply. And he always says "3, because I'm 3 years old." 

Playing cars after Daddy gets home from work. 

Daddy has been so mean about teasing Jude there is a Gorilla in the house. Now, Jude just tells him, "Daddy, gorillas don't live in Utah." But Daddy has had Jude going pretty good a few times, so I told Jude we needed to get him back and we happened to walk passed some silly string in the store and thought that's a start. So we hid and waited for him to come home from work. 

We met up with the Murdock crew the other day to check out the new aquarium. Jude was more into Nixon and copying his every move then actually checking out the fish. 

Classic little boy pic

I know I'm crazy for letting him bring this worm with us. Jude was in LOVE!! He just kept telling me it was his friend. Poor lonely only child. 

He's obsessed with the Happy song and likes to dress like him when he's not decked out like Captain Ameri

Daddy took Jude out on a Daddy Date to the aquarium and it looks like they had a great time. 

Jude and I were desperate for something to do on a cold snow/rainy day and decided to hit a movie. 

Jude jumped off the chair at the table right on his bum. I think he thought I was ready to catch him. So not! so he went to snuggle his boo and blankies and when he never came back this is what I found. Best surprise ever! 

I always have to remind myself that allowing my helper to help with cookies means double the clean up. Always worth it once I'm done cleaning up. 

I'm always worried it's my last chance for a belly pic. On the left is exactly 37 weeks and the right is today 37 weeks 5 days. Not sure why my stomach sometimes has a point and other times not. ?????

The Nursery. Such a different experience to have it ready to go before the baby is born. I much prefer it this way. :) 

So nervous to meet our new little man. We are so excited and I find myself day dreaming about what he'll look like and be like. So many unknowns and all so exciting. I'm happy to wait a few more weeks though. My Doctor thinks I won't last much longer. I saw him today and I am dilated to a 4.5 and he said he wouldn't be surprised to see me this weekend. I have in my head that I am going to make it to 40+ weeks, so we'll see. When it come to my gut feeling about anything pregnancy related I am 110% wrong every time. Either way we will welcome this little about with loving, nervous and open arms whether that is tomorrow or in three weeks. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

While you were cooking...

My sweet little Jude. This boy sure has our hearts. He couldn't be any sweeter and is so much fun and so extremely goofy. We just adore him. 

Jude is becoming well known at my doctor's office. We have been seeing him weekly since I was 28 weeks. One of the girls there hooked him up with some suckers the other day and of course he took two and of course they are both blue. He is obsessed with the color blue and not just blue, he is very specific that it is dark blue. I am sure that it has to do with the fact that Captain America is dressed in mostly blue. 

I bought this amazing coloring book that you fill a little pen with water and paint the pages and when it dries you can do it all again. It has been one of my favorite purchases. 

Daddy's little buddy. Jude and Marc have already become the best of friends. Especially since we've been extra cautious to make sure I don't do too much and throw myself into labor. Marc pretty much takes Jude out on a bike ride every night that is warm enough and I usually soak in the bath.... and the quiet. 

There is nothing I love more then to see my sweet boy sleeping. 

We busted out the finger paints the other day and it was a total mess but a lot of fun... for one of us. 

I took this picture purely to document how Jude loves his heater and always has. Since he was a baby this thing has soothed him. Every time he gets out of the bath he runs to his heater and snuggles up right by it. 

Jude and I spent the day in SLC the other. We started at the zoo. I was so excited to see the active gorillas. Marc has Jude completely freaked out about them. He spends more time on this slide then actually looking at the animals. 

And of course, by freaked out of gorillas also means intrigued.

Then we stopped by City Creek and played on the escalators and fountains. 

He wasn't even a little worn out. :)

The obsession continues. Sometimes Both Captains need breakfast. 

Is there anything better then something keeping a child's attention for more then 10 minutes?

Jude does this over dramatic throw to mimic Captain America when he throws his shield. It is so unnatural and really cracks me up. I love it. 

We had a great time at the St. Patrick's Day parade, despite the wind and freezing temperatures. Sometimes I can't believe these boys are both mine forever. I adore them both. 

Daddy and Jude both got to take a trip to the barber shop. Jude Scowled the entire time. It took a lot of convincing that it was a good idea to get his hair cut. He even tried to tell me it was going to give him a cough.  

Date night. Trying to squeeze in every moment we can together before we're forgotten in the craziness of newborns. 

No words. I'm just stunned by the love I feel for this little guy. Especially when he's not testing my patience. 

Marc captured this shot the other day. Asleep upside down with Captain America across his face. Such a goof. 

We are also trying to soak up these last days of just Jude-O. He has no idea what's comin his way. 

speaking of things keeping kids attention. Jude played with this forever. Putting things in that bottle, dumping them out, repeat. 

Had a fun little play date with my sisters and Jude spent almost the entire time on this train table. 

He could spend hours at the park. It's such a bitter sweet taking him there because regardless if we spend ten minutes there or 3 hours its a fight when it's time to leave. Heaven bless spring and the warm weather. 

I'm terrified of walking up hills, so we walk Sundance down at the golf course. Now that I am getting further along I am getting more confident of walking up hills around our neighborhood. The picture on the right is a side tracked Jude throwing rocks off a bridge. What is with boys and throwing rocks. We sat there and did that for over an hour. 


Something I never got to do with Jude is just sit in his complete nursery. There are many times that Jude and Marc can't find me and I'm tucked away rocking my big belly in the new nursery. 

Umm.... I've got quite the belly going and it comes in handy all the time. 

The left is 33 weeks and the right is almost 35. (Can I just put in a plug for how bad I hate selfies but I am determined to document this pregnancy and I feel like I never know when my last chance to get a belly shot will be.)