Friday, July 10, 2015

June 2015

Avi loves this things. He'll play with it forever and it gives me the nicest break. 

I love when Jude gets into character. This one is Tarzan which requires no clothes. 

Lunch time outside. 

Jude's starting his own car wash.

Poor us killing time while daddy's gone. We started off with the most amazing Ice cream I have ever had outside of Europe. Then we hit Treasure Island for the first time and it has become our new favorite beach. 

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is to drive up to Newport and bike to Huntington and eat tacos. Avi loves climbing all over the chairs. 

Daddy and Jude love to bond over otter pops

Daddy and Jude took the train down to San Diego and Avi and I drove down later. It was the cutest thing. Jude loved going on a big adventure with his dad. Avi and I dropped them off at the train. It was a beautiful June gloom morning. 

Waiting for the train


I couldn't help myself.
I had to take a picture of the train pulling away. 

Avi and I hung around for a little while. 

These two sometimes have the hardest time sharing. I finally had to split them up. 

Avi warming Jude up after his swim lessons. 

Aunt Andrea sent the sweetest package of all sorts of awesome things. These rascals have no idea how lucky they are and how many people love them.

We can only handle about two weeks away from Disney. Even in the crazy summer months. 

Daddy keeping both his boys safe as we went through the elevator in the Haunted Mansion

Marc turned 33 

Jude loves showing Avi around

We finally got around to doing a beach fire pit. It was so much fun, and Jude stuck to his guns that he hates marshmallows. 

Darth is a thrill seeker

Best Daddy. I just know it. 

Painting a Popsicle stick house

Park Day

Last Day of school. He was pretty excited to be done. 

Jude saying goodbye to Mrs. Sharee

First and last days of the school year. I didn't even realize I was putting him in the same shirt. 

We rode our bike to Balboa Island and took the ferry. The kids and parents were so thrilled. 

On Father's Day Marc went surfing and then we cruised up to the happiest place on earth. We felt like we had the park to ourselves. It was so fun. 

I know that Jude has dreamed of this moment for so long. 

His costumes kill me every time. 

Another afternoon spent in Laguna. It just can't be beat. Even if I got knocked down by a wave while holding Avi. :)

I love my little babies so so so much. They will never understand how much I love them until they have kids of their own. I just hope I can always do right by them. They are my world. 

Avi is obsessed with balls and I am thinking he is super tall. His feet are huge. He is trying to grow out of a pair of shoes that Jude wore until he was two. Avi is learning his animal sounds. His favorites are the elephant and anything that growls. Marc and I share a favorite. When you ask Avi what a wave says he waves his hand across and makes a soft crashing sound. It is killer. He loves the song "Its a small world" And loves to run around and scream as loud as he can. He thinks it is so funny. 

Jude still loves costumes. His favorite right now is Luke Skywalker, cowboy, pirate and Darth Vader.  He loves to watch Curious George. He is eating much better now days and loves it when we act upset if he's eating things that are good for him that will make him grow. He always wants to know how big he was before and after he ate. He's learned to swim and is starting to read a little. He's a smart little turkey and he is so much fun to be around. He is always saying things that make me laugh. I wish I had written them all down. Here are a few. 

"When Bad guys turn bad does their brain turn red?"

"Oh Barnacles!"

"I missed you so much I could take a bite out of the whole world."

"Real cowboys wipe their own bums."

"I'm working real hard to listen real good to you and mom so I can be a real cowboy."

"This is like the best day I ever had."

"I won't give anyone my money because I loooove money." After explaining to him why we did the cancer walk. :)

"I'm not even a balloon. Did you know that?"

"Can I watch Curious George so I won't bug you?"

"My tummy says I want to play." (when I was telling him we needed to go in for lunch.)

Jude's swim teacher's name is Miss Mariela and Jude calls her Miss Ella and she thought it was so cute and she said she was going to start telling the kids to call her that. Then when we were leaving he said to me, " She changed her name to Miss Ella just like I changed my name to Luke Skywalker."

I was trying to convince Jude that something was yummy and he said to me, "That's because you like the idea of gross." He said it in the sweetest matter of fact voice.