Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Preparing for the big move

What a whirl wind November has been. We pretty much decided to sell our house and move to
California the beginning of the month and we were gone by the end. It all happened so fast. Marc was gone to Australia somewhere in the midst of it all as well. It was nuts, but we survived.

We managed to find sometime to sneak in a real game before we left. We are going to miss these games with our best compadres.

Jude loved wearing Dad's Winter Soldier wig.
I spent a lot of time at my moms trying to stay busy while Marc was in Australia and when we needed to be out of our house for showings. I found a way to get some exercise in.
Jude loved helping Grandma Pat get her Christmas decorations out and even wanted to pose as a present under her tree.

Such a good big brother to share his Halloween candy
representing in Utah County
An afternoon hike behind our house 

This lil rascal pulls himself up on anything. Drives me nuts and keeps me on my toes.
These two boys already have such a fun little relationship. NO ONE can make Avi laugh the way Jude can make him laugh. I have a feeling that will never change.
I'm in for it. They both sacked out in the car.
I can't handle these two and all that cute!!

I think it's time to part with the baby hawk. :(
Best sleepy face
He was just excited to get out of the house as I was.
I busted Jude hiding in the closet eating Sundance's treats. SOOOO Gross silly boy,
Sharing an ice cream
I was desperate for 5 minutes to fold the laundry so it seemed logical to stick these cooky boys in the dryer.
Avi turned an old 7 months,
We got a sledding day in before the move.
Climbing trees like his momma.
Jude loves medical stuff. He is super into his cousin Saydie's diabetic shots. She is one tough chic and even let Jude give her shot. Ever since he has been carrying around this old case we have with a solo old earring in it and gives me "shots" all day.
Jude loved the extra space to explore while we were moving. He didn't know we were hiding a jungle gym in our closet. A little side note. I was blown away how good he was while we moved and loved helping.
Found an empty closet and had a great time hiding with Avi.

 Jude lately is obsessed with me taking pictures of him doing silly things. All day long I hear "Take a picture of me." Usually followed with "now a video."

Our last night in Utah was amazing. I think it was a little gift from the Beehive State.