Monday, January 26, 2015

Disney Carousel with my boys

Jude dancing in San Diego

Avi splashing

Avi Swinging at the pier

Ringin in The new year in Disney style

We had a quite New Year's Eve at California Pizza kitchen. The most exciting part of our night was when Jude fell in the water feature at Fashion Island. Then we braved the crowds at Disneyland since we were so eager to use our new passes that Santa brought. I think we have already got our money worth. But now that Measles are all over the place, I may have to stay home with Avi and Daddy and Jude can go party.

Dinner on New year's Eve

The dreaded pond 

Then off to Disney. If they rented out a room in the castle. We'd move in. 

Trying to stay entertained in line.

Riding Winnie the Pooh

Showing off his prizes.

This nut job can't ride some of the rides that his big brother can so we get to take naps and hang out on the sidelines. 

Finaly tried the world famous corn dogs at Disney and just like everything else at Disney. They did not disappoint. 

We also did a rainy Disney day. It was.... soggy. 

But didn't bother these two. 

They somehow talked me into it. 

I also met up with a childhood friend at Disney with our kids. Jude immediately fell in love with her adorable little girl. He wanted to hold her hand the entire time. 

Believe it or not. We still weren't sick of Disney and I took the kids there on my own (such a big girl, I know) While Daddy was out of town. 

Love that they both have the same nervous finger eating habit. I don't love their hands in their mouth at Disneyland. In SANITIZER we trust!!!!! :)

Now onto the everyday life of our new lives in California. We are loving being outside and are absolutely in love with our new little town and we love exploring it. 

We also updated our beach cruisers and added another bike seat for Avi. And just like most things in life, HE LOVES IT. 

This was our best shot at a family photo

When I start to come down with a case of cabin fever, I will load up the kids and we'll go play in the sand for a little bit. It always keeps the boys busy and wears them out.
Feeling cool.  

Sometimes we get real lucky and Daddy gets to come with us. 
Snow comes after our beach bike ride. 

We got Jude a wetsuit (which he loves) and a boogie board. This might be my favorite outing to date. We went to San Onofre and Daddy surfed for a little bit then took Jude out on his boogie board. 

A casual walk on the pier

When Daddy picked up a new surf board and wetsuit Jude was more excited then Daddy. He helped him wax his board and tested out his wetsuit and was his biggest cheerleader watching him surf from the pier and even helped him carry his board back to the car.  

A weekend trip to bike around Mission Beach in San Diego

Ice cream keeps us all happy. And will even bring out a happy dance in Jude

 Inside our hood and house. 

Swinging at the park in our neighborhood. 

I'm obsessed with this sleeping face.

My lil pajama pirate. He took a small hiatus from his costumes and now seems to be back at it and all was in some type of costume. 

lost of messy feedings

Brothers share everything, so squish in close boys. 

He is super into his new avengers puzzle

Always has to be standing!

Just happy chilling on the floor playing with his feet. 

Always walking Sundance in style. 

This guys somehow turned 9 months. He is a ball of happiness. Everywhere we go he flirts with people and we constantly get comments about how happy he is. He has a fun little fuzzy head that seems to match his fun and goofy personality. He has been a little under the weather lately and I feel like his fuzz is a little melancholy as well. We sure love you Avesmosis and you bring so much light, love and joy to our little family.

My little Jude-O. My Hoodee hay. Sweet baby boy. I adore you so much. Your dad and I often talk about how much fun you are and how we love the way you love things. If you like something, you will absorb every ounce you can of these things. You make us love life more just by watching how much you love life. Thank you for being my boy. I love you so much. 

The other day I caught Jude with a marker and he had colored on himself and he answered my shock with, "I got to write my name on me so nobody takes me."

He calls eye lashes eye flashes. 

He uses the phrase "blow your funny mind."

We were driving around one day and Jude saw a car with a really large spoiler on it and he excitedly said "It has a handle on it."

The other night putting him down to bed he said to me as I was leaving, "Have fun in your dreams."

I was telling Jude how proud I was of him for something and he replied, "I am even proud of myself."

Jude was about to do something that he knew he shouldn't and he stopped and asked me "Is Santa watching?"

I was eating something that Jude really liked and he so kindly asked me "umm... could you give me all of those please?"

He was cranky the other day and he told me "My heart is blurry."

We have been talking a lot about conscience (he's been watching Pinocchio) and he was having a rough day and I was telling him that he wasn't listening to his conscience and he said, "My conscience is eating breakfast right now that's why."

He refers to his nun-chucks as his "secret 3000."