Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Marching on in March

Marc's awesome parents were in town and we had so much fun with them. We had cold rainy weather and it didn't stop us one bit. We had such a good time with them and it was so sad to see them go. Jude couldn't let them leave without a trip to the happiest place on earth. :)

There's a new sheriff in town. We decided to got to Hoo's Gow in San Jaun Capistrano and Jude might never be the same. They advertise to dress in western clothes so I dug out our Montana gear and got Jude ready to go and he ate it up true to Jude form. He sucked everything he could out of the experience and is now pretty into cowboys.  We also checked out the mission there and were blown away. It was really cool. Even though we ended up at the first aid station after Jude got Cactus needles stuck in his finger. Marc and I had to bring him back the following day for the parade. 

Needless to say He has been sporting his new costume everywhere we go. It paid off when he wore it to Disney. They decided to make him the first ever official cowboy pirate and gave him a certificate to prove it. Signed by non other then the Captain Jack Sparrow to validate it's authenticity. 

Avi enjoying his pizza. His favorite part about our disney trip. This boy sure can eat. 

I let him play with the food coloring the other day. He had a ball and I had a mess. 

My little car pusher. Avi loves, loves, loves to push cars. He even had a favorite. He likes to put things in the cars and push them then stop take them out. Put them back in. Back out. Back in. Push. Push. Push. Repeat. He stays very busy.

Things all took a turn for the sick. We were hit by our first real hard hitting flu like bug. It started with Jude. Then Avi, and now Dad has it. It is brutal. Fever, puking, yada, yada, yada and SO MUCH laundry. It's been rough. 

While one was sick, the other was ready to party though. I knew Jude was feeling better when he came into my room in the morning and was rambling on about needing to get the Christmas hat out of the Christmas decoration. Must have had a Christmas dream. I also think he had weird vivid sick dreams that he thought were real. I had to break his heart to tell him they were dreams. 

A little hide and seek.

When Avi was sick Jude was so sweet to help me "Make care" of him. 

Avi saw a new terrain for his car.

Jude was trying to tell me that Christmas had come to costco so we needed to buy this play house. Mkay. 

Luckily Jude was feeling better in time for his St. Patrick's Day party and school. I love that Jude had his own touch on it with the Santa hat. 

I think this guy might be certifiably insane. But man, is he fun. 

I surprised Jude with a big Easter egg to decorate from Target. I even told him what it was when I picked him from school. He still insisted that I wrap it before I gave it to him. He's such a goof. And I really shouldn't have been surprised that he wanted to wear them and not put them on the egg. 

Avi turned 11 months!! I am totally tripping out about. This is my last month with a baby under a year. It has gone every bit as fast as people say it goes, if not faster. Avi is such a treat and I am so glad he is in our family. 

I was feeling some Jude and Avi comparisons. 

revenge is a dish served best cold. Avi 1 Jude 764. 

They do love each other though

This is a classic Avi face. Just having a great time all of the time.

We rode our bikes to the little Dana Point parade. 

Beach Day. Daddy came and met us after work and went out to catch some waves.

LA Day. These day take it out of me. But they are a lot of fun. 

Crazy hair day at school. Jude loved it. Despite this face. 

Avi's new trick. I love when babies figure out how to point. It is killing me. He is my little jogging buddy and always likes to point out the trains. 

Avi is a real monkey. I have to keep my eye on him. He can fly up the stairs in seconds. He can get up on all the beds, he climbs up onto the couch and then climbs up the couch and stands on the back and he can climb up the ledge of Jude's windows and is becoming very curious about toilets and Sundance's food and water. Long story short. I'm exhausted A LOT! 

We dyed Easter Eggs. Jude loved it. It took some serious explain when he couldn't sleep with them in his room.

The other day I caught Jude peeing in the backyard and he explain to me "I was just scaring the ants with my pee."

He had a little whistle in his nose when he breathed and he said to me, "Do you hear that. That's my conscience."

We saw someone para sailing over the beach the other day and Jude pointed and said, "It's Soaring over California."

The other day he was really excited over something and he said, " I feel like I'm going to rip my face off!"

We've got a new sticker system in place at out house and Jude pointed to the last sticker and  said "When I get this sticker my mind is going to explode."

He thinks the phrase bummer, like "what a bummer" is bomber. So naturally, not it is in our family. "What a bomber."