Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Preparing for Christmas

First we started off our month with my sweet sis in law coming to visit. It was such a fast trip but we had so much fun. We did lots of shopping and sight seeing. Jude was so excited to have a fresh ear to chat off.

We were so sad to see Ali leave. It helps to know we'll see her at Christmas.

We of course got some Disney time in. It is so charming at Christmas. We're pretty excited that Avi is tall enough for the Go Go gadget coaster. He loves it and throws a pretty good fit when we have to get off.

I love when I catch these guys being friends.

Daddy is teaching Jude how to scope out waves.

Avi wanted to dress up as Darth Vadar and Jude was thrilled to be Luke.

Jude's Mecca

Avi is picking up his own cute obsession with something other then cars. MICKEY MOUSE. We think it's the cutest thing ever and luckily living in Southern California that is no shortage of Mickey things.

Double spooning his soup

We also got our Christmas decorations out. Jude eats it up. He loves to help me and has an opinion about everything.

I found a cute Christmas memory game at target that Jude is loving

We went to a tree lot and picked out a cute little tree. Jude loved playing on the cut outs and Avi was much more serious about picking out the tree. But when it came down to strapping the tree on, jude was all business.

When we got it all decorated Jude hauled over the ottoman and sat there and admired it in all its glowing glory.

Everything in our daily routine has a Christmas twist on it. The picture on the right is the breakfast he made for me.

Wrapping his present for Avi all by himself. He picked it out by himself too. It was a Mickey mouse in a little car.

Our Elf "Jay" has also returned for the season. Which, with Jude leads to a mild case of obsession. He needs gentle reminders,  pretty much daily, not to touch Jay. He also has been asking Jay to have Santa bring him a costume like his. And Jude has been so good that Jay brought it early in hopes Jude will be over wearing it when the Easter Bunny shows up.

Jude's Christmas pageant was adorable. We were so shocked when we were sitting in the audience and he had two lines. When we asked his teacher about it. She said that Jude originally didn't want a part but when one of the Sheppard's didn't show up that day Jude totally step up and filled in.  

We met two Santa's and Jude said that the one at Disneyland was the real one because he had to stop to go check on the reindeer.

Jude was checking his nice and naughty list. For some reason I was on the naughty list for a while. I luckily finally made it to the nice list.

We met up with my cute nephew, who is a marine that just got stationed near us. He is the cutest guy. We just love him and Jude was mesmerized  and wanted to do anything and everything the way Preston does.

Avi got his hands on Jude's Elf costume.

Our Christmas Card


We tried to soak up these last few hot days. We got the boys to the beach and did a little hiking but the cold came fast. 
The evenings are really cold. We have to get super bundled up. But the days are still mostly beautiful and nice.

Marc and Jude took a Kayak out and had so much fun. Avi and I threw rocks on the beach and chased birds. 

We cruised up to Aliso Beach. It was heavenly.

The other night Marc and I had so much fun playing with the boys getting pictures. I think we took close to 1000 pictures. 

We had a fun night in Huntington and got dinner and walked the pier. 

This boy and his cars. He kills me. He plays with his cars ALL day. He runs them all over the couch. I find them in the couch in hoards. From what I have been told his Dad was the same way. 

More Disney....

Fresh new hair cuts

We had so much fun at the toy store the other day. It helped pass the time while Daddy was away on a business trip. 

Jude insisted we bring Daddy back when he got home. 

Avi caught a fun bug and passed out in my lap. 

Jude loves to make messy crafts.

Avi and I went out for some fresh air while Jude was in school. 

Jude Tested for his Yellow belt and did SO GOOD. He was so proud of himself. 

I love to hold my sleeping baby when he lets me. (and when its not the middle of the night.)

Jude had a cute Thanksgiving feast at school. He told me we should have pumpkin pie more. 

Then we packed up the car and headed for Utah. We were so lucky to stay in the Duncan's beautiful mountain home. We had such an amazing time.

It luckily wore the boys right out for our long drive back.