Saturday, November 15, 2014

pumpkin patches, museums, trick or treating and a whole lot in between

We started our fall off with a beautiful hike. We love Utah and especially at this time of year.


Play Date with the Murdock crew at the curiosity museum.
We hit an adorable lil pumpkin patch. Jude was running all over the place and was so excited to help us all pick the "perfect pumpkin." And Avi was just thrilled to ride in the wagon. He was convinced it was edible.

Testing out Birthday gifts
Jude was just dying to get a turn with Avi's bath. He's such a funny little dude. But so sweet. These two little brothers leave my heart in puddles all over the place.


Loves his rice cereal.
Jude and Daddy are the project managers of monte rosa. They head up there at least once a week. Mommy is not complaining about the break either.
Da broskis
My little man turned 6 months and is sitting and has two teeth.
His stats are:
Height 28 inches 94th%
Weight 15 lbs 7 oz 16th%
Looks like I have another long skinny boy.



Loves chilling in his activity center
This is the face I get when I am eating or drinking something and Avi thinks it is coming to him, he squirms with excitement.
The swings were a big hit with this lil guy
Marc sent me on a staycation for my birthday. I started it by working the morning and my first patients were Indy and Windsor. Love these guys. Then I got a hotel all to myself for the night. I thought I'd sleep until noon but I was up at eight.
Jude's Bear pics.
Jude's stats were
40 inches 41st%
weight 31.5 12th%
Avi loves the bike seat. Phew.
Nixon, Jude and gramps taking a break at monte rosa.
Grandma and Avesmosis
Avi got in on the fun
Daddy got time with both his boys and some toys.
I thought Jude had a cavity and I was so bummed cause I thought we were doing such a great job brushing his teeth, I was so relieved that it wasn't a cavity but he had chipped a tooth and needed it repaired. He was so good. His Dentist is sooo good. We love him.
Jude was insistant all month long that we carve pumpkins. This is him showing me a seed.
The finished product
Avi was just excited to watch
Enjoying every drop of fall sunshine we can.
I don't know why, but when I walked in and saw this I was laughing so hard. So gross. Head rest/toilet seat. Same diff.
My boy. He loves dirt, rocks, bugs, all of it. This is our little worm house we built. He loved his little friend.
Jude likes to weesle his way into whatever Avi is doing.

Daddy couldn't wait to take a turn on the bike with Avs.
This sweet little scene melted my heart the other day.
Painting in the sunshine
Halloween was so much fun. Jude had a great time playing with cousins and then trick or treating in cute little day break. Avi was so cute and loved chillin with Niko and they were so adorable together.