Friday, September 5, 2014

Everyday adventures and a farewell trip to the ranch

Jude's legs got tired walking Sundance and I only had one seat on the stroller. So... Brothers share everything. 

Lil buddies

Jude loves his house. He decorated it with all the avenger stickers he could find. It looks like his thoughts are being projected on the walls.

Walking Sundance the other day Avi totally rolled the other way and was loving it. 

I love when I want to take a peek at my sleeping baby and he is looking right at me. 

I let him get the sand out again. WHY?!?!?

Then off to the ranch. Jude was super excited to drive us in. 

We hopped on the 4 wheeler immediately. Which could keep the boys busy the entire time we are at the ranch.

Playing on the wagon

We were missing Finn but it was still fun to get these two of our three babies together. 

Jude and Ny. The coolest three year olds ever.

Jumping on the hay bails with cousins.  

Ready to ranch it up/

Got to shoot a BB gun.

Hanging in the sunshine

It was a little chilly up there and it didn't stop Jude from getting soaking wet. Crazy man.

baby snuggles

Monday, August 25, 2014

preschool, solids and more

We had an awesome time at Snowbird. 

We told Jude this was Red Skulls cave. He was eating it up. 

We saw three moose. A momma and two babes. 

We've done a few bike rides down the canyon. Mostly Marc and Jude do it but now that Avi is getting easier I have been taking so turns. 

Every time we walk Sundance, Jude picks me dandelions. 

This kid looooves to dress up. He's squeezing into his costume when he was two.

I cannot get over how quick babies grow and change. 

Rocking his new beanie in some rainy day clothes. 

We did a little back to school shopping and this is his Lazy Guy outfit from the music video the Lazy Song. He had to wear it immediately. 

Waiting for the rain to pass to take a bike ride. 

These two have so much fun together

Baby snuggles

We haven't had much sunshine this August but when we have, this is what we run out and do. 

Baby meets dog

We love spending time at Grandma Duncan's pool with cousins. 

Avi at the REAL game

Marc took Jude to the High Uintas. I am so glad to have someone else go with Daddy on these trips. Avi and I stayed home and took it easy. They got caught in some hail and daddy made this fort to eat lunch in. 

This tub of love turned four months and got to start solids. His stats are 26 in 86th % and 14 lb 2 oz 22nd% He rolls over onto his tummy pretty much the second I put him down and seems to be more interested in eating his foot then solids. But eats 1000x's better then Jude did at this age. He is still our smiley happy little guy and loves to watch his big bro. 

Sundance walks

Sacked out on my bed

Jude got a new slip n slide with his 5 stickers. He has spent so much time on it. 

My baby

Avi sleeps like this sooo much

Marc is super into tracking the progress of the home site at Monte Rosa

The other morning Jude beat me into Avi's room and climbed in and got right down to business playing. 

We had the Murdocks over to play on the new waterslide. 

Avi is so amused by Jude. Especially in the tub for some reason. 

Climbs in and steals Avi's boo

Grandma Pat got him this awesome Captain America and he carries it around everywhere. It was his first show and tell item at school too. 

The First day of preschool

I love Avi gaining control of his hands. 

Loves to feed himself. Or gag himself.

Jude likes to pretend to be a Wild Krat and search for bugs and worms and any animal. Here he found a slug and brought it home to live in our backyard. It was quiet the battle to make Jude accept he wasn't going to live in the house. Jude kept saying he was his family. 

Rainy day activities. Of course Jude wants to make Jack o lanterns in August. 

WOAH!! This kid and his blow outs. I sometimes have to stand there for a minute and make a plan of attack on how to clean it. 


We've been having some AMAZING storms this August. Jude pulled up the chair to sit and watch it roll in the other day. 

Another 5 sticker day/ Or a Jude day. 

Always pushing it to the extream

How do I break it to him that he's way too big for this now. 

Another COLD High Uinta day with Daddy. Marc said he did amazing. The wind had finally broke him down by the end. 

Whenever I try to feed him. His foot goes straight into his mouth. 

Marc made Jude a cool little house out of a cardboard box and it has changed Jude's life. 

Silly things Jude has said

The other day at the REAL game we were asking him if he wanted a Churo and he said "No, I want the one that is soft like a rug." We thought for a little while then we figured out he was talking about cotton candy. 

My niece was watching Jude the other day and when her brother Indy came in on his crutches he asked "Are those roller skates."

I was explaining to Jude about my friend, who has downs syndrome, that he has a special heart. And Jude kind of annoyed said to me while throwing his hands up, "We all have special hearts, they're inside our bodies." Then he listed off our whole family including Sundance saying we all have special hearts. 

This silly boy is as hard as a three year old can be. But he is also as sweet as a three year old can be too. I love both my little dudes so much.