Tuesday, July 15, 2014

three months and all things in between

Three Months
I can hardly believe it. My little babe is already three months. It feels like it has been about three weeks. Avi loves to suck on his delicious fists, he kicks his legs non stop and my favorite is the occasional giggle. He is so much fun and we are so in love. Jude is slowly learning how to be soft his his baby brother and that he is not quite ready to wrestle. 

A little refresher at the zoo. No time to waste on a spoon. 


I guess he just likes the seasoning. He licked off the seasoning of all of these pretzels. 

Daddy has been out of town A LOT and working late nights. So we have been looking for fun stuff to do. And a little Jude and Mommy date at the dinosaur museum was perfect and we got a free Ice cream after. 

My Tub of Love

I broke down and found an old beat up jogging stroller online and I love it. I still can't believe I have TWO cuties. 

Brother is still adjusting. And Avi is paying the price.  

First time in the big boy stroller

Keeping the boys entertained while I watched the US soccer game.

Hello Cutie


We started off with Fireworks on the 3rd. Jude's mind was blown. I might have to keep lighters and matches behind a locked door with this kid. 

Then the Fourth we went up to Monte Rosa and watched Grampa break ground. 

Here are all the older boys being too cool. 

All the grandkids with Grandpa (except for the sleeping babies)

A Captain America cookie. Jude calls the fourth of July Captain America day. 

Then a beautiful bike ride for these two. 

Then we watched the fireworks with my mom and sisters and their kids. Aves snoozed for most of it. 

Trying to get a family shot. 

My sweet lil boys

We have been spending as much time as possible at Grandma Duncan's pool. This is a cute shot of Jude chatting Nyla's head off walking back to Grandmas. 

We also went up to Park City. Avi and I hung out with sleeping Niko while the others rode the mountain coaster. 

They also got snowcones.

Daddy sleeping with his boy after work

What is grandma going to do when Finn arrives. She needs another arm. 

Even Avi needs to cool off in the pool.

Our favorite spot up the canyon. 

Jude knows how to get dirty like no other person I know. 

Jude loves his Captain America flag and carries it around everywhere. He also points out EVERY Captain American flag we see. I never noticed how many flags there are. 

Another way to pass the time.

Daddy took Jude on a bike ride to find a snow cone. 

Also biked down to the parade. They bike everywhere

Avi loves to pass out on daddy. 

Some Cute/funny things Jude has said lately. 

When riding the mountain coaster with me, I had shorts on and hadn't shaved my legs that day and Jude was sitting in between my legs and he says "I like your hard whiskers." As he strokes my shin. 

He also calls the Zip line at Park City the Zip Lion. I thought it was so cute. 

The other day Marc accidently stepped on Jude's foot and he came running into me to milk all the sympathy he could out of it. So, I asked him if I should call the ambulance and he very seriously says back to me, "Yes, call the ambulance and have them take Daddy back to work."