Monday, February 22, 2016

Traveling through...

We've always been intrigued with the beautiful cliffs of Northern California's coast line. So when Jude had a week off school, we jumped on the opportunity to drive up the coast. Our first afternoon was spent in Charming Santa Barbara. Our boys were just thrilled to get out of the car. We found an adorable spot to have lunch downtown and wondered around for a bit then let the kids burn some energy at a park. then we continued our drive up the coast to our first hotel of our trip in Monterey. We were stunned by the green rolling hills along the cliffs to the ocean. It was jaw dropping. We also stopped to see the elephant seals and were blown away. They were so amazing.  

By the time we made it to the hotel, Avi could hardly hold his eyes open. he didn't think it was a good idea to nap in the car. 

If only this lasted the whole trip

Having breakfast with an ocean view. These boys know how to live. 

Next we checked out Carmel by the Sea. Jude and I were certain it was the same village Pinocchio lives in.  

Then we went to the Aquarium. 

Then we traveled down to Big Sur. It is a place we have always wanted to see. It didn't disappoint. It felt like a dream.

Then, as road trips go, it was back in the car again to cruise up to Santa Cruz where we spent the next morning and didn't take any pictures. Ops. We then went to near by state park that has an awesome train and a beautiful section of protected Redwood trees. It was beautiful. And Marc and I both agreed that is had a spiritual feeling being in their presence. It was a similar feeling when you walk into a beautiful old cathedral. We then drove to a larger state park with more Redwoods. They are so amazing. 

Then our next stop was San Francisco. Jude was so into it. And all he could think about was getting to China town to his souvenirs. He loved the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Avi loved the trolleys and boats and buses. They loved staring out our window and watching the lights and travelers. 

Dad was so excited to teach his boys about mini donuts. 

They loved the trolley ride. Jude was very concerned about the garbage on the ground and felt he should pick it all up to put in the garbage. We had to explain to him this was an exception and to please, please, please not touch the garbage. :)

Jude wanted to walk or drive over the Golden Gate Bridge but it was packed with traffic so he settled for playing underneath it. 

We had an amazing time. I hope Jude remembers some of this trip. It was so fun to travel as a family and watch these two brothers continue to grow their unbreakable bond. We feel so grateful and have such a full heart for all the love we have for these little boys. 

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Omg!! Beautiful pics! Love your dark hair!!!